Paperroads - Wolfgang Tiemann

26.10.2007 to 27.01.2008


Wolfgang Tiemann's rolls of paper printed with motifs from the cultures along the Silk Road illustrate the path of paper. The stations of the Silk Road - a route of reciprocal cultural and technical exchange between East and West - provided both the subject matter and additional exhibiton venues for the artist's large-scale impressions: Bejing, Samarkand, Damascus, and Sevilla are eventually to be connected with Berlin. His experiences at the many stations along the road have continuously inspired Tiemann to fresh approaches and new subjects in his art. Thus he rode a motorbike to Syria where he worked together with Syrian artists at Krak des Chevaliers, the famous Crusader castle. The exhibition of Tiemann's work at the Pergamon Museum will be accompanied by a number of events for visitors and a children's programme.