Newton - Nachtwey - La Chapelle: Men, War and Peace

03.12.2006 to 20.05.2007

Museum für Fotografie

The exhibition "Men, War & Peace" is presented in three parts with Newton's portraits being shown against a broad selection of works by two internationally renowned photographers.

With his flamboyant rush of images, the American fashion and lifestyle photographer David LaChapelle has been portraying a hedonistic society for more than a decade now. He creates shrilly colourful, ironic and sometimes provocative pictures of the US dream machine. In stark contrast to this, the American war photographer James Nachtwey, with his arousing and shocking series of pictures from the crisis regions of today, makes a plea to our morality; he manages to instill into the photographic image that which is existential in our human existence. The third part of the exhibition is made up of a selection of portraits of men by Helmut Newton. Newton was not only known for portraying women, but also for his photographs of men, characters as different as Heinz Berggruen and Klaus Kinski, Kurt Waldheim and John Malkovich, the Rolling Stones or Helmut Kohl.