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Naqsh - Insights into Gender and Role Models in Iran

10.07.2008 to 07.09.2008


The relation of the sexes to each other is at the very forefront of the various debates on societies shaped by Islam which are currently being held all over the world. The exhibition aims to present a differentiated view of the subject, by taking Iran as an example and by looking at the debate going on within the country itself, with all of its peculiarities and contradictions.

The subject of "Gender, Feminism and Islam" is approached on two different levels: firstly in the form of theoretical documentation and secondly in artistic execution. On display will be works of art from Iranian artists and a German artist of part-Iranian parentage who all use various media to tackle the subject of constructions of gender identities. The documentary component will comprise audio and video interviews from Iran and the diaspora, in which representatives of secular and Islamic feminism and a transsexual man are given the chance to speak alongside scholars and activists.

Participating artists

- Bita Fayyazi
- Parastou Forouhar
- Alireza Ghandchi
- Shirin Homann-Saadat
- Ahmad Morshedloo
- Neda Razavipour
- Maryam Salour

Interviewees (Audio)

- Mansoureh Shojaee
- Dr. Elaheh Kolaee
- Maziar Gilani

Interviewees (Video)

- Dr. Mehrdad Darvishpour
- Dr. Shahin Navai
- Roja Bandari