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12.12.2008 to 21.06.2009


Over a period spanning several decades, the painter and long-time professor at the Berlin University of the Arts, who will be celebrating his 75th birthday in January, has created a coherent and richly differentiated body of work. His subjects are almost exclusively his facial landscapes, in which he traces of inner and outer movements and emotions. For him, the face as the medium of inner reflection and outer perception becomes the very symbol for the versatility of the human spirit. Only in his older age has the artist come to discover the closeness of his art to the Sufic concept of the '99 attributes of God', which are seen as making up God's countenance.

Marwan's 99 etchings stand in a special relationship to Islamic art and serve as a magnificent guide to the reflection on its principles of abstraction. The small-scale series is complimented by individual larger works in watercolour, in which the directness and fervor of artistic inspiration is seen bursting forth.