04.02.2006 to 23.04.2006

Museum für Fotografie

An exhibition of the Museum for Photography and the Liquid Blues Production, funded by the Schering Foundation and the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

'MAKROSKOP' is the name of the interactive picture and sound installation by film-maker Boris Hars-Tschachotin and media artist Hannes Nehls. Taking the shape of a spiral, it reaches deep into the Kaisersaal at the Museum for Photography. The spiral-shaped installation body is used as a projection surface for audio-visual sequences which ceaselessly move in the direction of the spiral's centre, creating a dynamic vortex of images.The material illustrates the biography of the Russian natural scientist and social visionary Sergej Tschachotin (1883-1973). Ranging between science and society, between political activity and biographical entanglements, his multi-faceted and contradictory life work is an essential reflection of wider contexts of the 20th century. Looking back on recent history, visitors are able to connect with contemporary issues. For the first time, photographs illustrating the life of Sergej Tschachotin are exhibited in public.