Loss and Restitution
The Collections of the Kaiser Friedrich-Museum

30.10.2008 to 01.02.2009


With this small exhibition, the Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art together with the Numismatic Collection and the Gemäldegalerie will be jointly commemorating the return brought about by the government of the then USSR some 50 years ago of cultural artefacts that had been taken from the collections of the former Kaiser Friedrich-Museum, known today as the Bode-Museum.

Three objects returned at the time, together with 18 photographs depicting the various rooms of the exhibitions which were held after November 1958 in the National Gallery, in which the restored works of art were placed on display, as well as documents detailing the hand-over and various contemporary reactions all bear witness to what was a great cultural-political event of its time.
The exhibition will also serve to draw attention to the fact that numerous artefacts from the former Kaiser Friedrich-Museum continue to be in the possession of Russian museums to this day.