Lee Ufan: A Dialogue

12.02.2008 to 25.05.2008

Thanks to generous private loans, the Collection of East Asian Art of the Museum of Asian Art is delighted to be able to present once more a selection of works by Lee Ufan (born 1936 in Korea). His work represents an independent and important position in contemporary art. The artist, who lives in Paris and Tokyo, is a cross-border commuter between the cultures. Embracing painting, graphic art, sculpture, and theoretical treatises, his work, while positioning itself in the context of international contemporary art, is based on the intensive examination of East Asian and European philosophies. Lee Ufan is a key figure of the Japanese Mono-ha (the "School of Things") which has sought alternatives to a Western style modernism which elevates man to the measure of all things. Lee Ufan's work is characterized by the endeavour to abstract from subjective influences and to fathom the laws which surfaces and space follow.