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Katharina Meldner - Spirits
Drawings and Videos

07.11.2008 to 08.02.2009


To mark the award of the Hannah Höch Prize for 2008 to Katharina Meldner, the Museum of Prints and Drawings will be the first museum to present an overview of selected series of drawings and video works by the Berlin artist, who was born in 1943.

Meldner's art stimulates the powers of memory and imagination in the viewer. This is especially true of the drawing project Spirits, which, through the use of coloured contours, reduces modern and contemporary pieces of art to their basic outlines. In the process, the overlaid motifs combine to form new, confusing units of meaning in their own right. At the same time the drawings challenge the viewer to reconstruct the original image which suddenly appears to have taken on a more 'ghostly' form. The Hannah Höch Prize has been awarded each year since 1996 to Berlin artists by the Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats for their life's work. The jury is made up of representatives from the Stiftung Berlinische Galerie, the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, the Neue Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) and the Museum of Prints and Drawings.

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