Japanese Art from the Klaus F. Naumann Collection for Berlin

03.04.2009 to 02.08.2009

The Asian Art Museum places on display a comprehensive spectrum of Chinese, Japanese and Korean art, both within its own galleries and in a study collection. Among the museum's highlights is the collection of Japanese painting and East Asian lacquer art by the Berlin-born art dealer and collector Klaus Friedrich Naumann, who currently resides in Tokyo.

Klaus F. Naumann began to make acquisitions, predominantly of Japanese lacquered works, as early as 1975, after being inspired by the then director of the Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst, Beatrix von Ragué. In purchasing the objects, Naumann took into consideration the gaps in the Berlin museum's collection. He built up his collection almost exclusively in Japan, where for several decades he was active as an art dealer.

For the most part, his collection is already now housed in the Berlin museum in Dahlem. Upon its reopening, Klaus F. Naumann presented it to the Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst (now known as the Museum of Asian Art) as a fixed-term permanent loan. To mark the one-hundredth anniversary of the museum's existence in November 2006, his collection of lacquered art was extended by a few important pieces and presented and publicized under the title: 'Eine japanische Leidenschaft - Die Lacke der Sammlung Klaus F. Naumann'. It remains one of the highlights of the Berlin museum.