Ink and Gold
Masterpieces of Islamic Calligraphy

15.07.2006 to 31.08.2006


Following an invitation from the Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum for Islamic Art), the London gallerist Sam Fogg presents a selection of calligraphies and illuminations in the Pergamon Museum. The over 25 spectacular works span a period of nearly 900 years and the regions from Marocco to Central Asia. The exhibition demonstrates the artistic development of calligraphy which is regarded as the highest art form of Islam. The most influential centres of calligraphy between 700 and 1550 AD are introduced with important examples. Among the early masterpieces, for example, is a page from the famous "Blue Koran", as well as a page from a Koran written entirely in gold, the high quality and expensive material of which point to an important commissioner, perhaps even the caliph. Additionally, the exhibition shows complete Korans, Koran sections and single pages as well as an important Arabic scripture on the astrolab from the Selchuk and Mongol period with extraordinarily numerous and splendid images testifying to the learnedness of the 13th century.