High Sixties Fashion

08.04.2010 to 01.08.2010


'High Sixties Fashion: Fashion Photography and Illustration' marks the continuation of the series of exhibitions presenting items from the Lipperheide Costume Library's own rich archives. The focus of this exhibition is now on fashion images from London, Paris, Germany, the USA and Italy dating from the 'High Sixties', the period between 1964 and 1969.

There is hardly another epoch in which striking changes in fashion and a change in silhouette reflect the era's sweeping social and cultural changes as clearly as in these few short years: youth and pop culture, films and music, mass protest against the Vietnam War and the vibrant boutique culture in London all left their indelible mark on the fashionable appearance and consumer patterns of the younger generation.

Spread over ten thematic sections, the exhibition affords visitors an insight into the beauty ideals of the High Sixties, by contrasting youthful fashion to lady-like styles and featuring pictures of such diverse things as men's fashion, beach and underwear, hats and hairstyles, wild Op Art designs and the era's playful romantic look. In particular, the 'space age look', as developed by Courrèges and Cardin in Paris and the imaginative party outfits of the time, such as babydolls or Palazzo Pyjamas, continue to be a source of inspiration for avant-garde fashion to this day.
Thematic tours through the exhibition enlarge upon the items on display and feature the most important photographers of the time, such as Guy Bourdin, Jeanloup Sieff, Helmut Newton or F.C. Gundlach.