Günter Brus. Fault Zones

12.03.2016 to 06.06.2016
Gropius Bau

Since Günter Brus (born 1938 – lives in Graz) first appeared in public as an "actionist" in 1965 with his "Wiener Spaziergang" (Viennese Stroll), he has created a manifold œuvre. This is the artist's first exhibition in Berlin, even though Brus lived there for a long period, and influenced the art scene in the city significantly. The comprehensive exhibition with the title "Fault Zones" leads through his complete oeuvre, but also focuses on special aspects.

Starting with informal works, the actionist period is shown in films, photographs, documents and numerous drawings, as well as by giving a vivid impression of the artistic environment in which the art originated. At the beginning of the 1960s, Viennese "actionism" had expanded painting not only into the objective, but also into the physical realm. With his "self-paintings", Brus played a decisive role in the performative shift in literature and visual arts. In 1970 the last action "Zerreißprobe" (Crucial Test) took place in Munich.

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