Glory and Pathos
Masterpieces of Baroque painting from the Palazzo Bianco in Genoa

24.10.2003 to 25.01.2004


The exhibition 'Glory and Pathos' brings together masterpieces of Baroque painting from the Palazzo Bianco in Genoa. It is focused on Genoa's golden age, the period from the internationally oriented mannerism of Luca Cambiaso to the late Baroque figurative language of Alessandro Magnascos.

Genoese artists of the period had the enriching influence of foreign artists from other parts of Italy and Europe. Caravaggio and Vouet were particularly important. The four pictures of saints by Bernardo Strozzi, for example, all of them in the atmosphere of Tuscany Baroque, show his sympathy with Caravaggio's naturalism. The Dutch masters Peter Paul Rubens, Anton van Dyck and Jan Roos were also important in opening up new genres, notably landscape painting and still life. The counter-reformation was another profound formative force on art of the period, as the religious emotion in the paintings clearly demonstrates.

Many of the pictures are receiving their first showing in Germany. The exhibition overall, with its opulent and mostly large-scale painting, documents the impressive pageantry of the Baroque.

Eintrittspreis / Admission: 8 Euros, ermäßigt / concessions 4 Euros