Food Revolution 5.0
Design for Tomorrow’s Society


How will we eat in the future? And what will we eat, given the dwindling resources of our growth-driven society? Globalized food production is having a decisive impact on climate change and the choices we make about how and what to eat help to shape the world’s food system. Eating is no longer a private matter, but a highly significant political act.

The Kunstgewerbemuseum will become an artistic and scientific laboratory to showcase new conceptual and practical models for the future of food and living. The Food Revolution 5.0 exhibition has invited over 30 designers to present their latest concepts, ideas, and designs for making this transformation to the food system a reality. There are statements intended to serve as suggestions for best practice in the here and now, and speculative projects that throw open questions, illustrate possible future scenarios – all against the backdrop of the proposition: ‘What would happen if…?’ The Kulturforum’s piazza will be converted into an edible garden where visitors can relax or even help to harvest food.

The exhibition will include works by Martí Guixe, Ton Matton, Chloé Rutzerveld, Werner Aisslinger, Julia Lohmann, Marije Vogelzang, Maurizio Montalti, Austin Stewart, Johanna Schmeer, Silke Riechert, and Carolin Schulze.

A special exhibition presented by the Staatlichen Museen’s Kunstgewerbemuseum. In cooperation with the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. Curator: Dr. Claudia Banz

This exhibition is sponsored by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes. With the kind support of the Ikea Foundation (Germany) and the Karin Stilke Stiftung.

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© Carolin Schulze

Thu 21.06.2018 04:30 pm
Curator tour

© Maurizio Montalti

Sun 20.05.2018 02:00 pm
Workshop (one-day)
More Dates : Sun 03.06.2018   Sun 17.06.2018  

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