Fang Lijun - Woodcuttings and Drawings

26.01.2006 to 17.04.2006


Since the 1990s, the western art world has paid great attention to Chinese art. One of the latter's best-known exponents is Fang Lijun who made his international mark mainly through his painting. Now, for the first time, this exhibition at the Kupferstichkabinett presents a selection from his rich oeuvre of woodcuttings in Berlin.

Fang's expressive art can roughly be described as 'Cynical realism'. It orbits around the human being as an individual and as a part of a mass society - in full reflection of the Chinese conditions which Fang grew up in and still lives in. Next to the motif of the swimmer, the artist focusses particularly on male heads which he uses as objects to project many different, even grotesque emotions and existential conditions onto.

The exhibition is a hommage to the longstanding chairwoman of the Graphische Gesellschaft zu Berlin - Vereinigung der Freunde des Kupferstichkabinetts e. V. (Berlin Graphic Society), Erika Hoffmann-Koenige, who is the lender of several large woodcuttings.