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Eating, Drinking, Festive Celebrations
The Carl Kraemer Primary School

20.05.2011 to 19.06.2011

The Carl Kraemer School, which places a special curricular focus on art, has seen several successes over the last few years in its work in the area of cultural education. Taking a topic that the children would be able to combine with their day-to-day lives, art teachers at the school have been busy working with artists, Berlin museums and other partners outside school on a project that culminates in today's exhibition. Besides objects created by the children themselves, the exhibition also looks at the methods, various possible approaches and impulses of the current project.

Several visits to the Museum of Decorative Arts, both at Kulturforum and Schloss Köpenick, provided the children with enough inspiration to fuel several months of work, completed both in school and in the museum itself, on the subject of 'eating, drinking, festive celebrations'. The children have created their own cutlery, food platters, dining centrepieces and large, specially-shaped goblets and goblet holders. The project's main aim was to create an atmosphere in which, after spending a day at the Museum of Decorative Arts, the children asked themselves why they didn't learn in the museum more often.

German-language conference 'Museum and School in Dialogue'
On 16.6.2011 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Venue: lecture hall at the Museum of Decorative Arts

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