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Contemporary interpretations of traditional decorative glass techniques: 600 prototypes, 80 designers

01.10.2009 to 22.11.2009


The appeal of 'Decorum' lies in the way it combines current design and the lasting influence of fin de siècle. Even as long ago as 1900, the Centre International d'Art Verrier in the village of Meisenthal in Lorraine was famous for producing exquisite Jugendstil glassworks. Today, fascinating glasses by contemporary designers which were also produced in Meisenthal are also on display in the exhibition.


Between 2005 and 2008, the Centre International d'Art Verrier held a project in conjunction with the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar in neighbouring Saarbrücken for the production of glassware which was funded by the European Union. The aim was to create new forms and patterns using local surviving technical processes in glass production. International workshops were held under the artistic direction of Andreas Brandolini, with participants from Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland. Renowned designers such as Werner Aisslinger, François Azambourg, James Irvine and Jerszy Seymour shared their knowledge with participants.

The exhibition in the Museum of Decorative Arts is made up of around 600 exhibits by some 80 designers. The spectrum of works stretches from common forms to experimental glass designs, produced using traditional techniques such as engraving, sand blasting or enamelling.