Installations by Young-Jae Lee

15.04.2011 to 21.08.2011

Young-Jae Lee, born in 1951 in Korea, is a creator of ceramic vessels who works with great passion and unwavering energy. Since 1987 she has led the pottery workshop Keramische Werkstatt Margaretenhöhe GmbH in Essen, Germany, which produces a tasteful tableware series, as well as many exclusive, limited-edition items. As a potter, her creative work also focuses on exploring the rich diversity of forms that vessels can take. By using classic Korean pottery as her starting point, she creates containers with a distinctly modern appeal, whose traditional roots are nevertheless unmistakable. The form, colour, volume and outline of each individual object are produced after careful consideration and combine to form one-off pieces of great individuality.

Young-Jae Lee's work is characterised by the appropriation of existing forms and her subsequent reaction to and subtle variation of them. Comparable to a musician interpreting a composition, Young-Jae Lee pours her personality into the sensitive modulation of a set of core forms that are at first similar only in appearance, which she then imbues with character and on which she leaves her indelible mark. No coincidence then that her interest is aroused by the anthropomorphic terms for parts of vessels: the neck, shoulders, stomach and foot, or base. The diversity of the organic is the inspirational impulse behind her creative energy.

In an installation designed especially for the exhibition, the individual works combine into a surprisingly new and exceptional symphony of forms.