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Childhood on the River Nile
Toys - Clothes - Images of Children from Egypt in the National Museums in Berlin

10.07.2009 to 06.06.2010


Toys, clothing, shoes and education - in the Egypt of late antiquity children also had their own realm of experience. An insight into this world of theirs is provided by the small exhibition 'Childhood on the River Nile' with exhibits ranging from the third century BC to the eighth century AD.

On display are items of clothing such as child tunics, children's shoes or a doll's tunic, as well as depictions of children on the ornamental trimmings of fabrics, all from the collections of the Museum of Byzantine Art. In addition to these articles, the exhibition also comprises items such as rattles and wooden horses, a ball and doll from the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection and the Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum for Islamic Art). Nearly all the objects on display are made of perishable organic materials, which were only able to be preserved in the dry, hot desert climate of Egypt.