Chen Guangwu - Fang Lijun - Liu Wentao
Three Figures of Contemporary Chinese Art

01.07.2008 to 02.11.2008

An exhibition in conjunction with the Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin | Beijing and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ostasiatische Kunst, with the support of the Sigg Collection, Lucerne

The work by Fang Lijun (born 1963) entitled 'Fifteen Thousand People' forms the centrepiece of the exhibition and is made up of approx. 15,000 small bronze cast, gilded heads. Serving as a counterpoint to this, works on paper by Chen Guangwu (born 1973) and works on canvas by Liu Wentao (born 1973) are also on display which are clearly informed by the Chinese art of calligraphy and are characterized by abstract rhythms.

The one thing all three artists have in common is their interest in repetition, in structure and - in their own particular way - in precision. They offer us a cross-section of the various ways Chinese artists come to grips with tradition and the present day.