Abisag Tüllmann 1935-1996. Photojournalism and Stage Photography II

17.06.2011 to 18.09.2011

Museum für Fotografie
Museum für Fotografie

Coinciding with the artist's 75th birthday, the posthumous exhibition 'Abisag Tüllmann 1935-1996. Photojournalism and Stage Photography' presents for the first time the unique and diverse body of work of one of Germany's most important female photographers. Tüllmann was remarkably doubly talented: parallel to her outstanding photojournalistic pieces she also amassed an extensive body of work in stage photography.

Tüllmann was emphatic in her use of photography as a means to interpret the core political events of her day, the conditions of everyday life, the world as experienced by different individuals and diverse social spheres. Her depictions ranged from urban landscapes and the culture of the 1960s, the student movement and the political impulses of 1968, and culminated in major picture stories on contemporary upheavals in the world, such as the liberation movements in Algeria, Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, South Africa and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Parallel to such works, were her critically nuanced portraits of politicians such as Jimmy Carter, Yassir Arafat, Nelson Mandela, Helmut Kohl and her empathetic artist portraits, as well as her visual documentation of the Venice Biennale and documenta.