A 21st Century Tapestry of Ten Thousand Flowers

28.04.2007 to 09.09.2007

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Museum Europäischer Kulturen

In the late Middle Ages, the European courts liked to present their guests with impressive objects which signified their wealth and artistic interests. Among them were the "thousand flowers" tapestries of which many have survived in large art collections. Their technical artistry and richness of colour illustrate the skilled perfection of mediaeval craftsmen; their brilliant images gave rise to notions of paradise.

Some years ago, following an idea from the textile artist Ursel Arndt, the notion was born to create a new flower carpet. The Berlin Textile Teaching Association (Fachverband Textilunterricht e. V. Berlin/Brandenburg) called all those interested in textile matters to participate in the project with their own blossom creations. The textile flowers submitted were collected by Ursel Arndt and composed to form a sea of flowers. Today, this tapestry of ten thousand flowers has reached the dimensions of 13 meters in length and 2,2 meters in width. On this surface, enchanting blossoms are spread out, executed in a great variety of materials, techniques and colours. Girls and women, boys and men of many different nationalities have contributed to the growth of this tapestry with their blossoms.

The tapestry has previously been on show in many places in Germany. Its presentation in the Museum of European Cultures will be accompanied by a number of various textile activities for different generations.