Feeling War

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There is no war without heightened emotions: love of one's country, hatred of the enemy and compassion for the victims. Fear for one's life and well-being, pain and mourning follow soon thereafter.

These wartime emotions will be explored in associative conceptual spaces, in which original artifacts from the First and Second World Wars will be juxtaposed with artworks from present-day artists. These artifacts and artworks will enter into dialogue with one another, and thus into a relationship of tension: In the "Fear" space, for example, an armored breastplate from 1915 is encountered alongside a current photography series on sharpshooters by artist Simon Menner. The patriotic nailing of the almost 13m-high Hindenburg sculpture in front of Berlin's Victory Column stands next to pacifist counter-positions. Postal correspondence between two lovers at the trenches and the "home front" provides a glimpse into the changing emotions and real lives of soldiers. The exhibition ends with personal grief juxtaposed with the adoration of heroes.

In this way, new possibilities are opened up for reflection on war. They show what role emotions play in war and what kind of decisions an individual can make.

Geocaching in Dahlem - hunting for traces of the First World War

Geocaching is a type of treasure hunt with geo-coordinates. There are four different routes available in Dahlem, each relating to the First World War. All participants need are a GPS receiver or a smartphone activated with GPS and a QR-code scanner app. Participants have to perform small tasks and solve riddles before receiving the clue to the next location.

For more information and the starter coordinates for the tours, go to: http://wirsuchen.jimdo.com/

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The black and white image shows a prison camp with a row of detainees in front of a prison building.
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum Europäischer Kulturen / Otto Stiehl
Museum Europäischer Kulturen

Announcement for the Special Exhibitions at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in the Annual Theme: Outbreak / Worldbreak 1914

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