Architecture of Antiquity

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With an annual figure of 1.000.000 visitors the Pergamon Museum ranks among the most popular buildings of the state museums. Visitors can experience the antiquity through the reconstructions of momentous archaeological construction ensembles.

Entering the market Gate of Miletus, an outstanding piece of Roman architecture, the visitors reach the Ishtar-Gate with its Prozessionsstrasse of Babylon in the Vorderasiatisches Museum (Museum of the Ancient Near East). The richly ornamented Mschatta-Facade of a Jordanian desert-residence can be found in the Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum of Islamic Art) on the first floor.

The Hall of Hellenistic architecture and the Hall containing the Pergamon Altar are under reconstruction.

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© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Pergamonmsueum / Achim Kleuker
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Highlights of the Pergamonmuseum
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Sat 22.09.2018 11:00 am
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© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Pergamonmsueum / Achim Kleuker

Sat 22.09.2018 03:00 pm
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Thu 27.09.2018 06:00 pm
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© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Islamische Kunst, Johannes Kramer

Sun 23.09.2018 11:30 am
Exhibition talk
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Sun 30.09.2018 11:30 am
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Sun 14.10.2018 11:30 am
Exhibition talk
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© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Pergamonmuseum / Hans Christian Krass
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© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Pergamonmuseum / Valerie Schmidt
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During the current stage of renovations, the hall containing the Pergamon Altar is due to remain closed to the public until 2019. The north wing and the gallery of Hellenistic art are also affected by the closure. The South Wing of the Pergamonmuseum, featuring the Market Gate of Miletus, the Ishtar Gate and Processional Way from Babylon, and the Museum of Islamic Art, remains unaffected and is open to the public during this time.
At the moment the finds from Uruk and Habuba Kabira as well as the rooms with babylonian and ancient iranian monuments are not accessible to the public.

Please note that due to construction and the high volume of visitors, longer waiting times may be experienced.

Last admission and ticket sales 30 minutes before closing time.

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