Ki Baitei (1734–1810), Daoist Immortals, left, detail, pair of screens, each with six panels, ink, paint and gold on paper
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Sammlung Klaus F. und Yoshie Naumann / Jürgen Liepe

Humboldt Forum
Chinese Motifs in Art from Japan

20.03.2024 to 10.06.2024

Matsukawa Hanzan (1818 – 1882), Dragon at Mount Fuji, detail, privately published colour woodcut print (surimono)
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Asiatische Kunst, donated in 1919 by Marie Meyer and Ernst Grosse/Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto

Humboldt Forum
Pines in the Snow and Dragons at Mount Fuji
Seasonal Motifs from Japan

20.12.2023 to 11.03.2024

Kimsooja, To Breathe: Mandala, 2010, Single-channel sound installation, ready-made American jukebox speakers with monks’ chants and calls to prayer, detail
© Kimsooja, Courtesy of Kimsooja Studio and KEWENIG, Berlin

Humboldt Forum
Kimsooja – (Un)Folding Bottari

25.10.2023 to 19.02.2024

Han Jeongrae, Porträt des Gelehrten Im Mae (1711 – 1779), Detail, 1777, Tusche und Farbe auf Seide
© National Museum of Korea

Humboldt Forum
Korea: Germany’s Enduring Fascination with the Hermit Kingdom

13.10.2023 to 15.07.2024

Gao Cen (1621 – 1691), Landscapes near Nanjing, detail, China, Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911), dated 1672, album of eleven of originally twelve leaves
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Asiatische Kunst / Jürgen Liepe

Humboldt Forum
Originality, Uniqueness and the Influence of Western Art
Chinese painting in the 17th century

06.09.2023 to 26.02.2024

Rangabzeichen von Zivil- und Militärbeamten des 1. bis 8. Grades, Qing-Dynastie (1644 – 1911), Detail
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Ethnologisches Museum / Claudius Kamps

Humboldt Forum
Of Rank But Without Name
Portraits of Anonymous Officials and Textile Rank Badges

05.09.2023 to 26.02.2024