Multaka: Meeting Point Museum

Sun 12.06.2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Public tour / Adults
booking/prior registration essential
More Dates:
Sun 19.06.2022 Sun 26.06.2022

You are invited to go on voyage of discovery together with our arabic- and farsispeaking Multaka-Guides. Multiple perspectives are coming together in our tours, and we invite you to engage actively, and create space for transcultural exchange.

Discover the Sculpture Collection and the Byzantine Art Museum in Bode Museum. The three world religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity all have shared roots! Join us in a time journey through the Antic times until the Islamic Period and discover artifacts from the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa in this Museum.

Multaka tours will be held in the following Belin Museums: The Museums of Islamic Art and The Ancient Near East Museum in Pergamon Museum, the Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art in Bode Museum, as well as the temporary exhibition Documenta: Politics and Art in the German Historical Museum. Multaka-Guides from Afghanistan and Iran will offer tours in Farsi for the first time. Tours are also bookable in English and German for groups.

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Limited number of participants. Free of charge.

To register write or call us: or 0176 34 17 69987 / there is a limited number of places for participants. 

Meeting point:
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Free of charge. To register write or call us: or 0176 34 17 69987
Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst

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