According to Mesopotamian beliefs, mankind was created in order to serve the gods. Every city had a specific god who protected the city, and to whom a temple was dedicated. The gods appeared and also behaved like humans, although they possessed supernatural powers. Representations of divinity are found on reliefs, cylinder seals, and many other works of art. In order to show that it was a representation of the gods, their images would be identified for example with eye-catching crowns made from horns. Every divinity had its own symbol. The crescent moon and a circle stood for the moon-god Sin, the star for the goddess Ishtar.

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Marduk, Ischtar und Co.: Die großen Götter Mesopotamiens

Exhibition talk

Offers for: Families and children 6 – 12 years
Date: Sun 01.04.2018 11:30 AM - 12:30 AM
More Dates: Sun 06.05.2018   Sun 03.06.2018   Sun 05.08.2018  
Location: Pergamonmuseum
Meeting point: Pergamonmuseum, Infostand
Price: 4 EUR

Free admission for children and young people up to the age of 18. Parents pay the participation fee plus admission.
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Exhibition: Ancient Near Eastern Cultures
Collection: Vorderasiatisches Museum
Event serie: Event series

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