Matters relating to diversity and inclusion in education and cultural participation play a prominent role in the education and outreach work of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. The aim is to ensure our institutions are open to a wide audience – irrespective of people’s individual abilities, ethnic and social background, gender or age.

The inclusive activities on offer at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin are suitable for people both with and without disabilities. We host events designed to include people with a range of different needs and requirements – equally suitable for people living with dementia and those who do not have the condition, visitors with and without hearing impairments, visitors who are blind, partially-sighted or fully-sighted, as well as families and children both with and without disabilities. These events give everybody the opportunity to come together and discover the museums’ collections and special exhibitions. Visitors to the Neues Museum can explore the collection with a simplified language audio guide. The range of inclusive events is being continually expanded.

Information on museum accessibility is available on the individual museums’ respective websites.

Neues Museum

A Visit to Nefertiti in Simple Language

The German-language audio guide in simple language takes the listener on a tour through the Ägyptische Museum (Egyptian Museum) via 16 stations. With simple words and short sentences, the guide provides background information about the museum and the exhibits. The tour naturally also leads to the famous Bust of Queen Nefertiti. Easy language is helpful, for example, for people with reading and spelling difficulties, for people with little knowledge of German and for people with learning difficulties.

The audio guide was developed in collaboration with capito Berlin, a company specialising in barrier-free communication. The guide is the first of its kind to be used at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. In the future the service will be extended to other museums.

The audio guide is available free of charge at the Neues Museum.