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It could have been like this ‒ or like this! Interpreting History

Project Day for Class Trips
Grades 5 – 13

The exhibition Pergamon. The Panorama more than makes up for the currently inaccessible Pergamon Altar, which is under restoration. The spectacular installation by the artist Yadegar Asisi takes students back in time to the year 129 AD. Could life in the ancient city of Pergamon have looked like this? Students explore connections between archaeological discoveries as well as between academic, artistic, and individual interpretations. They study the sculptures in the Antikensammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities) from various perspectives, reflect on their perceptions, consult sources and find relevance to the presentday. In creative analysis, they develop new narratives and alternative forms of presentation.


Sites: Haus Bastian and exhibition Pergamon. The Panorama, Altes Museum

Duration: 240 minutes
Price: Participation fee 320 € (in German) / 360 € (in English)

Max. group size of 30 participants plus accompanying teachers. Free admission to the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin for schoolchildren and students under 18.
This is an offer for tour operators.

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