M.A. Myriam Perrot


Museologist (Ethnologisches Museum)


Ethnologisches Museum



Focus | Responsibilities | Projects

Museologist in the project “The Collaborative Museum”, Ethnologisches Museum / Museum für Asiatische Kunst


2019–2023 Collection manager, Ethnologisches Museum
2014–2015 Master of Arts Material and Visual Culture, University College London (UCL)
2010–2013 Bachelor of Arts Social science and religious studies, Université de Lausanne (CH), University of Aberdeen (UK)
2006–2008 Training as a decorator, École d´arts appliqués, CEPV, Vevey (CH)


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  • Perrot, M., "De la nécessité de complexifier l´objet: compte-rendu d´une enquête dans la "zone grise" du champ de l´Art Brut", in: Vincent Capt, Sarah Lombardi (eds.), Actualités et enjeux critiques de l'Art Brut, Lausanne: Antipodes, 2017.
  • Perrot, M., "Cosa fa l´arte agli artisti? Indagine in Galleria", Rivista dell´Osservatorio Outsider Art, Spring vol. 13, pp. 164-171, 2017.

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