Dr. Friederike Weis


Research Associate (Museum für Asiatische Kunst)


Museum für Asiatische Kunst




  • Principal Investigator of the DFG-research project no. 416816602 "Indian Albums of the Second Half of the 18th Century between Tradition and Documentation: The Polier and Swinton Albums in the Berlin State Museums”
    Indian Albums of the Second Half of the 18th Century between Tradition and Documentation
  • Research interests: transcultural processes in visual cultures, Persianate albums, authorship in Islamicate art, text-image relationships in Persian manuscripts


Since 01/2019 Principal Investigator of the current DFG-project, Museum für Asiatische Kunst Berlin in cooperation with the Museum für Islamische Kunst Berlin
2014 until 2018 Principal Investigator of the DFG-project no. 224786707, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin: "Autonomous Pictures? Persianate Drawings and Miniatures with Figural Motifs in the Diez Albums of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin”
10/2013 until 06/2014 Co-curator of the exhibition "Joseph and Zulaykha: Relations between India, Europe and Persia” at the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin
03/2013 until 08/2013 Research associate for developing a database for the Islamic arts of the book (www.orient-digital.de), Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
2010 until 2012 Postdoctoral fellow, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence and Kunstbibliothek Berlin
2004 until 2009 Teaching assignments, Departments of Art History and Classical Studies, Freie Universität Berlin; free-lance museum guide and advisor to a private art collection
06/2005 PhD in Art History, Freie Universität Berlin
1998 until 2000 Curatorial Trainee, Museum für Indische Kunst (since 2006 part of the Museum für Asiatische Kunst Berlin)
1991 until 1998 MA in Art History, Indian Art History, and Information Science (Université Paris IV Sorbonne Paris / Freie Universität Berlin / Università degli Studi Florence)


  • Since 2000: Member of the Gesellschaft für Indo-Asiatische Kunst, Berlin
  • Since 2014: Member of the Ernst Herzfeld Society


  • Weis, Friederike: "Persian and Mughal Miniature Portraits: Types or True Likenesses?," published in Axel Langer (ed.): In the Name of the Image: Figurative Representation in Islamic and Christian Cultures, Zurich 2022, 417-430.
  • Weis, Friederike: “Siyāh Qalam: Independent Black Ink Drawings in the Diez and Istanbul Albums,” published in Martina Müller-Wiener and Anne Mollenhauer (eds.): Beiträge zur Islamischen Kunst und Archäologie, vol. 7, Wiesbaden 2021, 193-210.
  • Weis, Friederike: "Confident Women in Indo-Persianate Albums: Visual Metaphors or Ethnography?,” published in Marzia Faietti and Gerhard Wolf (eds.): Motion: Transformation (35th Congress of the International Committee of the History of Arts, Florence 2019), Bologna 2021, vol. 1, 93-98.
  • Weis, Friederike: "How the Persian Qalam Caused the Chinese Brush to Break: The Bahram Mirza Album Revisited,” published in Muqarnas: An Annual of the Visual Cultures of the Islamic World 37 (2020), 63-109.
  • Weis, Friederike: "Von Adam bis Muhammad. Miniaturen aus einer persischen Prophetengeschichten-Handschrift der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin,” published in Christina Strunck and Ute Verstegen (eds): Farbe bekennen! Bilder im Spannungsfeld der Religionen, Petersberg 2020, 82-99.
  • Weis, Friederike: "Autonome Bilder? Persische Zeichnungen mit figürlichen Motiven aus dem 15. Jahrhundert“, published in Daniela Bohde and Alessandro Nova (eds.): Die Entstehung selbständiger Zeichnungen in der Frühen Neuzeit, Petersberg 2018, 270-293.
  • Weis, Friederike: "A Persianate Drawing of the Tazza Farnese: a Work by Muhammad Khayyam?", published in Julia Gonnella, Friederike Weis, Christoph Rauch (eds.): The Diez Albums: Contexts and Contents, Leiden 2016, 380-426.
  • Weis, Friederike: "Illustrated Persian Tales of the Prophets (Qiṣaṣ al-anbiyāʾ)", published in Meliné Pehlivanian, Christoph Rauch, Ronny Vollandt (eds): Oriental Bible Manuscripts from the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin: An Illustrated History, Wiesbaden 2016, 163-172.
  • Weis, Friederike: "Beziehungen zwischen West und Ost: Rembrandts orientalisierte Josephsbilder - Europäische Elemente in Moghulminiaturen," published in V. Beyer, F. Weis, H. Schulze Altcappenberg (eds.): Joseph und Zulaikha zwischen Indien, Persien und Europa, Neu-Isenburg 2014, 30-55.
  • Weis, Friederike: "Das Bildnis im Bild - Porträts und ihre Betrachter auf persischen und moghulischen Miniaturen,” published in Hendrik Budde und Almut Sh. Bruckstein Çoruh (eds.): Taswir – Islamische Bildwelten und Moderne, Berlin 2009, 175-178.
  • Weis, Friederike: "Christian Iconography Disguised: Images of Nativity and Motherhood in Mer’āt al-Qods and Akbarnāme Manuscripts of 1595-1605,” published in South Asian Studies 24 (2008), 109-118.
  • Weis, Friederike: “ A painting from the Jahangirnama and its compositional parallels with an engraving from the Evangelicae Historiae Imagines,” published in Rosemary Crill, Susan Stronge, Andrew Topsfield (eds.): Arts of Mughal India: Studies in Honour of Robert Skelton, Ahmedabad 2004, 119-128.

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