Current exhibitions

Chancel barrier, Asia minor, 10th/11th c.

Theodor Wiegand and Byzantine Art

The small 'cabinet' exhibition Theodor Wiegand and Byzantine Art is devoted to a little-known...

Altes Museum
Ancient Worlds. Greeks, Etruscans and Romans

Since 24 February 2011, ancient worlds are opened up for people to explore in a completely new...

Neues Museum
Prehistory and early history

The Museum of Prehistory and Early History presents its expansive collection together with objects...

Architecture of Antiquity

With an annual figure of 1.000.000 visitors the Pergamon Museum ranks among the most popular...

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Past exhibitions

Altes Museum
Hunter and Hunted. The Roman Mosaic from Lod

On 18 October a very special loan from Israel will go on show in the rotunda of the Altes Museum....

Cycladic idol, believed to be from the island of Amorgos, ca. 2700-2400/2300 BCE

Altes Museum
Back to the Beginnings
Treasures from Early Civilizations in the Aegean at the Collection of Classical Antiquities

This small exhibition on the upper floor of the Altes Museum draws on exemplary objects within the...

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