Past exhibitions

First installation of the Mshatta Facade in the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum (now Bode-Museum) in 1904. Its presentation in a low-ceilinged ground-floor gallery was a compromise. The spectacular new accession sparked the establishment of a 'Persian and Islamic

Mshatta in focus.
The Jordanian desert palace in historical photographs

from: 03.10.2014 to: 15.03.2015

Verkaufsstand für Bhang und Opium Companystil, um 1820
Deckfarben und Tinte auf Papier

Love for Pleasure Wine, Tobacco and Drugs in Indian Paintings

from: 21.03.2014 to: 22.06.2014

Scheich Ubaidullah Ahrar (1404-1490) doziert vor dem Laden eines Buchbinders in Herat, Iran, Ende 16. Jh.

Ornament and Tongue: Bookbindings from the Islamic World

from: 13.12.2013 to: 16.03.2014