Past exhibitions

Gan Ku (1749/56–1838) Tigers, Japan, Tokugawa period, dated with cyclical signs (1822)

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Tigers, Cranes, Beautiful Women
Asian Art from the Klaus F. Naumann Collection

from: 08.10.2015 to: 10.01.2016

Lovers, leaf from a Ragamala album, Deshakari Ragini (detail), Hyderabad, India, around 1750, opaque watercolours and gold on card.

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
RAGAMALA. Musical Moods and Amorous Moments

from: 25.06.2015 to: 06.01.2016

Tapestry (chin. kesi) with lotus and phoenix design Early Ming dynasty, 14th/15th c.
100 x 120 cm

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Child Tears and Blossoms.
Chinese Pictures on Silk and Paper

from: 20.01.2015 to: 21.06.2015

Kisan (spätes 19. Jh.), Brettzither- und Bambusflötenspiel, Tusche und Farben auf Papier, 25,5 x 20,2 cm

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Making noodles and playing the zither. Cultural images from Korea

from: 20.01.2015 to: 17.05.2015

Matthias Beckmann: Teezusammenkunft (Tea Get-Together). From the series: Von Tee zu Tee. 2011, Pencil on paper, 29,7 x 21,0 cm

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Matthias Beckmann: From Tea to Tea

from: 05.12.2014 to: 12.04.2015

Waseem Ahmed, Untitled, pigment colors, tea stain, silver leaf on wasli paper, 38,1 x 26,7 cm, 2009

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Dahlem Karkhana: Waseem Ahmed

from: 09.11.2014 to: 05.04.2015

Gabriele Heidecker: Pidurutalagala, 1979

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
The Landscapes of Sri Lanka - 100 Years Later. Drawings by Gabriele Heidecker

from: 21.09.2014 to: 08.02.2015

God Shiva with His Family, North India, Kangra style, ca. 1800, opaque watercolour and gold on paper, 22.7 x 18 cm

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
The Landscapes of India. Miniature Painting from the Mughal Era

from: 03.04.2014 to: 08.02.2015