Hidden Light
An Artistic Exploration of Photograms

Museum für Fotografie

Students at Berlin’s Humboldt University present their examination of the photogram as a medium of artistic expression in a studio exhibition at the Museum für Fotografie

Photograms are made by exposing light-sensitive materials like film or photo paper to direct light. A camera is not necessary. Unlike camera pictures, which correspond to the perception of the human eye, photograms capture objects not in their external form, but rather in shadows and shadings. They reveal superficially invisible layers to the world and so, through simple means, call into question our perception.

As preparation for this exhibition, lecturers at the Humboldt University gave a series of classes in the form of ‘Q-Tutorials’ during the summer and winter semesters of 2017/18. Q-Tutorials are events supported by the bologna.lab of the Humboldt University, in which an interdisciplinary research context is developed within the framework of ‘research-based learning’. The seminars took place in cooperation with the Department of Cultural Studies (HU Berlin).

The exhibition, curated by Mark Kuhrke, Malena Vogt, Paula Vogt and Andras Weg (course administrators) features works by Julia Bahnemann, Carlotta Meyer, Mark Kuhrke, Maria Ovcharenko, Thalea Reitz, Malena Vogt, Paula Vogt, Alicia Wild and Cristian Doeller.

A special exhibition by the Humboldt University of Berlin in cooperation with the Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Further information on the exhibition can be found on the Facebook page facebook.com/bildervollerlicht: Photogram – a research seminar at the HU


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