Conference: The Idea of the Global Museum

Offering alternative narratives to a limited yet mainstream canon of art has become one of the primary tasks of museum practice. The conference takes this status quo as a starting point for discussing museum programs, particularly those of museums of modern and contemporary art, which are thinking research, collection, exhibition, and public from a global perspective. In current discourse, such endeavors take notions of inclusivity and diversity as well as universalism and imperialism as animating principles. They all enter into “The Idea of the Global Museum,” a title that serves as shorthand for a debate on the different approaches that museums are taking today, and that could be taken in the future.

The Idea of the Global Museum

Conference at Hamburger Bahnhof | Day one | Keynote by Luis Camnitzer

The video documentation of the further lectures held on day one of the conference is available at YouTube: Playlist "The Idea of the Global Museum". The video documentation of the second day of the conference will be available in January 2017.

Friday, 2nd December 2016: Conference program
Saturday, 3rd December 2016: Conference program

Over two days, conference participants offered specific knowledges and points of view: What are the effects of a “global” approach on museum work past, present, and future? What are its necessities, possibilities, and challenges? Is there a common denominator for “global” museum practice?

This conference is part of a project, which explores the collection of the Nationalgalerie with respect to its international and transregional entanglements. The project will result in a large-scale exhibition project at Hamburger Bahnhof. On the initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the project is funded as part of its program “Global Museum.”