Education and outreach

Discover and learn about ‘room art’ from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo. Which artistic techniques did people use to design sumptuous interiors from the 16th to the 18th century? How have the impressions that interior spaces make changed over the course of time?

Visitors are sure to be fascinated by the atmosphere of individual, impressively staged exhibition objects such as a silver buffet from the Berlin Palace or Frederick the Great’s precious porcelain service.
You can enrich your exploration of the museum by using an audio guide, joining a public tour, or booking a private tour or workshop that suits your personal interests.

What does a prince need to have in order to live well? Why are there huge silver goblets and bowls on the wall if no one can eat or drink from them? Every Sunday, children and adults can team up to find answers to these questions.
Every 4th Thursday of the month, talks are offered on other topics that are geared toward a range of ages.

On certain Sundays there are concerts that invite visitors to experience the Köpenick Palace as a harmonious combination of architecture, art works, and music – an experience that is sure to enliven all the senses.




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We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Director: Dr. Sabine Thümmler
Deputy Director: Lothar Lambacher

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