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Who are the figures fighting in the Pergamon Altar’s battle of the gods and Giants? How did people live in the ancient city of Aleppo? What is a mušḫuššu? Where were the cities of the ancient world? And how have German excavations helped to reconstruct what daily life looked like in these bygone civilizations?

In exhibitions of the Collection of Classical Antiques, the Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art, visitors can explore a world of ancient architecture, the cultural history of the Near East, and the art of Islamic cultures.

Audio guides, guided tours, workshops, and other activities provide background information and enhance visitors’ explorations of the museum. The museum also offers private guided tours. In booking your appointment, you can select a time as well as a topic that interests you.

Children are also invited to get to know these ancient cultures, whether through taking on various historical roles, trying out ancient technology, listening to stories about gods and heroes, or hunting for animals and mythical creatures within the exhibitions themselves.

Offers for

Babylon - Mythos und Wahrheit

Sat 13.02.2016 3:00 PM

Der lange Schatten Alexanders des Großen

Sat 20.02.2016 3:00 PM

Von Uruk bis Babylon

Sun 21.02.2016 3:00 PM

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Das Spiel mit Schatten

Sat 13.02.2016 2:00 PM

Mit Fernglas und Lupe: Das Markttor von Milet

Sun 14.02.2016 11:30 AM

Geknüpfte und gewebte Geschichten

Sun 21.02.2016 11:30 AM

Muster: Bänder, Sterne und geometrische Formen

Sat 27.02.2016 2:00 PM

All of this section’s events

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