The Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte (Museum of Prehistory and Early History) is one of the largest international collections of archaeological and prehistoric finds from the Old World. Its treasures are displayed in the Neues Museum on the Museumsinsel Berlin. The collections trace the development of prehistoric and protohistoric cultures from the Paleolithic period up to and into the High Middle Ages. Collection highlights include the famous skull of the Neanderthal from Le Moustier, Heinrich Schliemann’s collection of Trojan antiquities, and the ‘Berlin Gold Hat’. Recent finds from excavations in Berlin also include objects representing modern and contemporary history. The collection display in level 3 of the Neues Museum is currently being reorganized and will reopen in summer 2014. The renovations affect the display of objects from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, pre-Roman Iron Age, Berlin archaeology, and the study collection. The Vaterländischer Saal will remain open to the public and features the temporary display of the ‘Berlin Gold Hat’. The collection of Trojan antiquities, the Cyprus collections, archaeological objects from the Roman provinces and Free Germania and the display of objects from the Migration Period up to the Early Middle Ages are also open for our visitors.



The Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte presents its unique objects at the Neues Museum on the Museumsinsel Berlin.

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