The Museum für Asiatische Kunst (Asian Art Museum) presents a vast array of artworks created by successive generations of masters active in the Asian cultural region from Afghanistan to Japan.

Among the museum’s highlights are the collection of Japanese painting and East-Asian lacquer objects bequeathed to the museum by the collector Klaus Friedrich Naumann, as well as the Berlin Yuegutang Collection, featuring Chinese ceramics ranging from the Neolithic period all the way up the 15th century. Due to the sensitive nature of the material (primarily paper and silk), examples of highly sophisticated East-Asian calligraphy and pictorial art cannot be placed on permanent display and are instead presented in a series of constantly rotating exhibitions, which makes each visit to the museum a whole new experience.

A central room in the permanent exhibition is dedicated to Buddhist art created in China, Japan, and Korea. One particularly striking artefact that stands out from the hundreds of exquisite non-religious Chinese objects – bronzes, ceramics, porcelain, and lacquer objects – is an imperial throne from the 17th century made of rosewood, inlays of mother-of-pearl, lacquer, and gold.

Please note that due to preparations for the transfer to the Humboldt Forum the collection of South, Southeast, and Central Asian Art on the ground floor, that contains, amongst others, the famous 'Turfan' collection as well as Art from India, is closed since 11 January 2016.

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