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When is the Cherry Blossom Festival celebrated? How has calligraphy evolved over the years? What distinguishes Asian art from European art? In this museum, visitors can explore the art of East Asia in all its beauty and diversity. The collection covers a vast history, featuring masterpieces of traditional art, modern stagings of places for religious contemplation, as well as contemporary art.

Audio guides, guided tours, workshops, and other activities can enhance visitors’ explorations of various eras in and genres of Asian art by providing background information or a more direct experience of ancient traditions. The museum also offers private guided tours. In booking your appointment, you can select a time as well as a topic that interests you.

Children can dress up in kimonos, try their hands at the art of calligraphy, or discover the treasures of the Chinese emperor. Theatre, concerts, readings, or martial arts demonstrations are also part of the museum’s eclectic programming for special occasions. In the tearoom, there are tea ceremony demonstrations with tea tastings that take place several times a year.

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