Verein der Freunde des Museums Europäischer Kulturen e. V.

Consisting of members of all ages and professions, the Verein der Freunde des Museums Europäischer Kulturen e. V. (Association of Friends of the Museum Europäischer Kulturen) has supported the museum ever since its founding in 1978 by providing funding for acquisitions of important objects. The support it lends is predominantly financial in nature and goes towards restoration work, exhibitions, conferences, and events. The society has, for example, been instrumental over the last twenty years in the successful running of the European Easter arts and crafts market and is involved in the series of events organised by the museum for its annual 'European Culture Days' (Europäische Kulturtage). 

Besides co-financing many of the museum’s publications, the Verein der Freunde publishes its own journal series 'Schriften der Freunde des Museums Europäischer Kulturen'. These affordable editions tackle various museum-related topics or highlight specific objects in the collections that are then presented in smaller displays within the museum.

For over thirty years the Verein der Freunde has also provided continuous non-financial support to the museum in its work, through the activities of individual members working on a voluntary basis. The society sustains renewed interest in the museum’s activities through its range of special guided tours, special events (concerts, readings, discussions), festivals, and excursions that are offered exclusively to members.

The Museum Europäischer Kulturen is dependent on the support of its friends. If you want to learn more about the society, please visit its homepage.

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