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How did modern artists experiment with forms and perspectives? Which approaches did they contribute to the larger artistic discourse? Are there connections between the need for new artistic forms and historical events?

The Museum Berggruen invites visitors to take a voyage of discovery through Modern Art and gain insight into the history of one of the most impressive art collections devoted to this period in all of Europe.
Audio guides,
guided tours, workshops, and other activities provide approaches to the exhibitions, background information, and space for reflection and discussions. The museum also offers private guided tours. In booking your appointment, you can select a time as well as a topic that interests you.

Once a month, the museum offers a tour called ‘It’s Your Turn’. This is a chance for visitors to ask questions, share their interests, and exchange ideas on contemporary art education with museum experts.

Children are invited to delve into the worlds of the Cubists. In workshops, they learn to break objects down into their basic geometric forms or try their hands at techniques like oil-transfer drawings, painting with watercolours, and silhouette cut-outs. Who’s to say that people can only have one nose each? Following in Picasso’s footsteps, parents and children learn to engage in new ways of seeing as they make portraits of one another.


Die Moderne. Immer aktuell.

Sun 29.11.2015 3:00 PM
Museum Berggruen

Wer spricht?

Sun 06.12.2015 3:00 PM
Museum Berggruen

Picasso 360°

Sun 13.12.2015 3:00 PM
Museum Berggruen

Wer spricht?

Sun 27.12.2015 3:00 PM
Museum Berggruen

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