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The image shows a sitting figur from Egypt.+
Seated figure of Metjen, Egypt, Saqqara, tomb of Metjen, Old Kingdom, 3th/4th Dynasty, ca. 2640 BCE
The image shows the head end of an egyptian sarkophagus with the form of a pharaos head.+
Inner coffin of Paiestenef, Egypt, Thebes/West, Late Period, 22nd/23rd Dynasty, 8th c. BCE
This image shows a part from an acient egyptian book of death.+
Abschnitt aus dem Amduat des Priesters Hor-em-chemmis, P 3001, 3. Zwischenzeit, 21. Dynastie, ca. 1070-946 v. Chr.
The sitting statue wears a coat and an egyptian head dress.+
Sitzfigur des Cherti-hotep, vermutlich aus Assiut, ÄM 15700, Mittleres Reich, 12. Dynastie, ca. 1976-1794 v. Chr.
This egypt bust is called the "Green Head" cause the material looks green.+
‘Berlin Green Head’, Egypt, find spot unknown, Late Period, 27th–30th Dynasty, 4th/5th c. BCE
The images shows the statue of a sitting baboon.+
Statue eines hockenden Pavians mit dem Namen des Königs Nar-mer, vermutlich aus Abydos, ÄM 22607, ca. 3200-3050 v. Chr.
The image shows the famous bust of queen Nefertiti from the side.+
Bust of Nefertiti, Egypt, Tell el-Amarna, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, ca. 1351–1334 BCE
The statue shows a sitting clerk with stationery on his knees.+
Schreiberstatue des Der-senedj aus Memphis, ÄM 15701, Altes Reich, 5. Dynastie, ca. 2504-2347 v. Chr.
The egyptian bust shows queen Teje with a fulminant headdress.+
Head of Tiye, Egypt, find spot unknown, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, ca. 1350 BCE
The Egyptian stele shows a syrian soldier drinking beer from an ancient amphore through a drinking straw. His servant helps him and a woman dressed in white is looking at both.+
Stele eines syrischen Söldners aus Tell el-Amarna, ÄM 14122, Neues Reich, 18. Dyanastie, Amenophis IV./Echnaton, ca. 1351-1334 v. Chr.

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