Erik Steinbrecher UBER ALLES (Above All)


Artist Erik Steinbrecher, who was born in Basel in 1963 and now lives in Berlin, has designed a special installation ofhis artist's books for the exhibition 'Above All' in the Kunstbibliothek. His visually fascinating and humorous books are displayed with works in other media tocreate a suspenseful arc - books, films, photographs and sculptures reveal quite contradictory associations and points of contact with contemporary images of everyday life.

The installation plays with the idea of graphical layout and has of course resulted in a new artist's bookproduced specially for the exhibition. His own artistic work on the books, as well as the special location of the Kunstbibliothek with its internationally significant collections,andthe actual encounter - colleagues and friends are invited to intervene and alter the set-up of the exhibition - are presented in a surprising and entertaining way through multiple reflections of the images and books.


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