Current exhibitions

Ingemar, 73 Jahre, Schweden: Das Motorrad, um Freiheit zu erleben

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Europe's New Elderly: Photo-ethnography

from: 29.04.2016 to: 26.01.2017

Monday, 2009, Filmstill

Museum für Fotografie
M+M 7 Days

from: 28.04.2016 to: 03.07.2016

August Kopisch, The Pontine Marshes at Sunset, 1848, oil on canvas.

Alte Nationalgalerie
August Kopisch - Painter, Poet, Discoverer, Inventor

from: 19.03.2016 to: 17.07.2016

Günter Brus: Wiener Spaziergang, 5. Juli 1965. Innenstadt, 1010 Wien

Günter Brus. Fault Zones

from: 12.03.2016 to: 06.06.2016

Julian Rosefeldt: Manifesto, 13-channel film installation, production still

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Julian Rosefeldt. Manifesto

from: 10.02.2016 to: 10.07.2016

Anonymous: Episode from “Tales of Splendour (Eiga monogatari). Right screen of a pair of six-piece folding screen, Indian ink, paint and gold on paper, 154.5 x 360.0 cm. Tokugawa period, late 17th or 18th century.

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Snow and Blossom – Masterpieces from the Klaus F. Naumann Collection

from: 02.02.2016 to: 05.06.2016

Kikuchi Yōsai (1781-1878): Ariwara no Narihira visits Prince Koretaka, an episode from the “Tales of Ise. Hanging scroll, Indian ink, and paint on silk, 53.6 x 79.6 cm. Meiji period, dated 1874.

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Landscapes and People of Japan

from: 26.01.2016 to: 16.05.2016

Natori Shunsen (1886-1960): The actor Ichikawa Sadanji II as the priest Narukami in the Kabuki play, “Narukami. Colour woodcut, 38.1 x 25.9 cm, Shōwa period, 1926

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Modern Japanese Woodcuts
Kyoto, beautiful women, and actors

from: 26.01.2016 to: 22.05.2016

Bart zwischen Natur und Rasur

Neues Museum
Beards - Between Nature and Razor

from: 11.12.2015 to: 03.07.2016

Helmut Newton, French Vogue, Melbourne, 1973

Museum für Fotografie
Helmut Newton: Pages from the Glossies / Greg Gorman: Color Works

from: 04.12.2015 to: 22.05.2016

Karl Hofer (1878–1955), The Black Rooms (2nd version), 1943

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Neue Galerie: The Black Years
Histories of a Collection: 1933–1945

from: 21.11.2015 to: 31.07.2016

Orpheus with his lyre (lyra), seated on a rock, surrounded by a pig, a stork (?), a wolf, a duck (?), a dog, a marten (?), a lion, and a hare, 209-211 CE

Thrace 3.0. Coinage in the land of Orpheus

from: 16.10.2015 to: 15.10.2016

“Arricchiamoci delle reciproche differenze, (detail), Giulia Filippi, 2013.

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Fulfillable dreams? Italian Women in Berlin

from: 31.05.2015 to: 08.01.2017

Vase with sculptural putto, Design by Agnès Kjellberg-de Frumerie, Execution by Edmond Lachenal, Paris, 1898, Stoneware

Schloss Köpenick
Clay Worlds
Six centuries of figurative ceramics

from: 22.05.2015 to: 12.06.2016

Hanns Kunitzberger takes up temporary residency in the Gemäldegalerie

Hanns Kunitzberger takes up temporary residency in the Gemäldegalerie

from: 05.05.2015 to: 31.07.2016

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
A-Z. The Marzona Collection

from: 24.01.2014 to: 29.05.2016

Box with a view
On the way to the Humboldt Forum

from: 30.06.2011 to: bis auf weiteres