Past exhibitions

Bust of Queen Nefertiti in Neues Museum, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, Amarna, Egypt, c 1340 BC;
Donation James Simon

Neues Museum
In the Light of Amarna
100 Years of the Nefertiti Discovery

from: 07.12.2012 to: 04.08.2013

Helmut Newton, French Vogue, Monte Carlo 1980

Museum für Fotografie
Helmut Newton: World without Men / Archives de Nuit
François-Marie Banier: Portraits

from: 07.12.2012 to: 13.10.2013

Hans-Peter Feldmann
Die Büste der Nofretete, 2012
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Neue Nationalgalerie
Hans-Peter Feldmann. The Bust of Nefertiti

from: 06.12.2012 to: 06.01.2013

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Nina Canell. Rolf Julius

from: 30.11.2012 to: 23.06.2013

Christmas pyramid featuring the church in Seiffen, Seiffen, Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains), ca. 1980

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Christmas Pyramids
Tradition and Modernity

from: 30.11.2012 to: 03.02.2013

Photographer unknown, Detective Art Madzinski inspects Yellow Cab found burned at Hoyne-
Ogden aves. Driver fleed, 1937

Museum für Fotografie
Bogomir Ecker
Idylls + Catastrophes

from: 16.11.2012 to: 17.03.2013

Erik Steinbrecher: WIE AM SCHNÜRLI, 2012

Erik Steinbrecher UBER ALLES (Above All)

from: 08.11.2012 to: 17.02.2013

Ten-Foot Flowers nach Andy Warhol / 2009: Isabelle Kelz & Jenny Kowalevsky

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
The Counterfeit Workshop An exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof and the Kurt-Tucholsky-School

from: 25.10.2012 to: 25.11.2012

The narrow side of a sarcophagus,Relief of Christ, 3rd century/early 5th century

Josef Strzygowski and the Berlin Museums

from: 19.10.2012 to: 20.01.2013


from: 17.10.2012 to: 30.06.2013

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin

from: 07.10.2012 to: 07.04.2013

Fyodor S. Rokotov: full-length portrait of Catherine II (the Great), 1775/1780, State Historical Museum, Moscow

Neues Museum
Russians & Germans
1000 Years of Art, History and Culture

from: 06.10.2012 to: 13.01.2013

Large tray with depiction of the “Eight Daoistic Immortals, late 15th or 16th century

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
...immersed in lacquer
A German private collection of Chinese lacquerware

from: 05.10.2012 to: 27.01.2013

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Breathing New Life into Old Forms
The acquisition of contemporary paintings in East Berlin

from: 02.10.2012 to: 17.03.2013

Claes Oldenburg: Notebook Page, Study for a Sculpture in the Form of a Bouquet, 
1961-1962 (detail)

Neue Nationalgalerie
Claes Oldenburg
Works on Paper

from: 02.10.2012 to: 13.01.2013

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Elegant Gifts
Social Networking through Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

from: 25.09.2012 to: 10.03.2013

Exhibition by young people for young people

from: 15.09.2012 to: 21.10.2012

Alte Nationalgalerie
The Romantic Middle Ages
Architecture and Nature in Painting after Schinkel

from: 14.09.2012 to: 24.02.2013

Karl Friedrich Schinkel: The Hall of Stars in the Palace of the Queen of the Night, set design to 2nd decorations for The Magic Flute, around 1815

Karl Friedrich Schinkel
History and Poetry

from: 07.09.2012 to: 06.01.2013

Gilt Strips of Wood
Schinkel framed pictures

from: 04.09.2012 to: 06.01.2013

Lothar Wolleh: Untitled [Joseph Beuys at Moderna Museet, Stockholm], 1971

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Lothar Wolleh
Joseph Beuys at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Januar 1971

from: 04.09.2012 to: 25.11.2012

Damascus and Aleppo - cities at risk

from: 30.08.2012 to: 02.12.2012

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Worlds of Colour
Woodcuts from the 18th century

from: 14.08.2012 to: 25.11.2012

Christa Zeißig: Industrial landscape, 2012

Museum Europäischer Kulturen

from: 05.08.2012 to: 26.08.2012

Albert Thomas Watson Penn: Toda-woman, 1870-80

Museum für Fotografie
The Colonial Eye
Early Portrait Photography in India

from: 20.07.2012 to: 21.10.2012

Ingeborg Lüscher: Die andere Seite, The Other Side, 2011 (Filmstill)

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Ingeborg Lüscher
Die andere Seite. The Other Side. Israel / Palästina Three-channel video installation HD, 30'20'' loop, 2011

from: 11.07.2012 to: 06.01.2013

Homme de lettres
Federic. The King at his Writing Desk

from: 06.07.2012 to: 30.09.2012

Paul McCarthy: The Box, 1999; Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Friedrich Christian Flick Collection im Hamburger Bahnhof

Neue Nationalgalerie
Paul McCarthy. The Box

from: 06.07.2012 to: 04.11.2012

Rocket & Wink (Gerald Rocketson, Petronius Amund Wink, Alexander Rötterink, Reginald Wagner):
Slime; Client: Flatstock Europe, Hamburg; Print: KnowWhere, Ute Beling, Hamburg

100 Best Posters, No. 11
Germany Austria Switzerland

from: 28.06.2012 to: 29.07.2012

David Hockney: The Arrival, 1963, folio 1 from: “A Rake´s Progress. A Graphic Tale Comprising Sixteen Etchings. 1961 to 1963, London: Editions Alecto 1963, Artists Proof

Neue Nationalgalerie
A Rake's Progress
David Hockney's Prints from the 1960s

from: 19.06.2012 to: 30.09.2012

Schloss Köpenick
Porcelain for the Palaces of Frederick the Great

from: 15.06.2012 to: 29.09.2013

Alte Nationalgalerie
Alfredo Jaar - The way it is
An Aesthetics of Resistance

from: 15.06.2012 to: 16.09.2012

Plates bearing the Prussian coat of arms, from a dinner service for Frederick II, China, Qing dynasty, Qianlong era, before 1755

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
China and Prussia
Porcelain and Tea

from: 08.06.2012 to: 31.12.2012

Helmut Newton: Saddle I, from the series Sleepless Nights, Paris 1976 (detail)

Museum für Fotografie
Helmut Newton
White Women / Sleepless Nights / Big Nudes

from: 02.06.2012 to: 18.11.2012

Neue Nationalgalerie
Martin Gostner
The Oriel of the Blue Horses (Oriel 7)

from: 31.05.2012 to: 02.09.2012

Morton Bartlett, untitled, 1950s

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
secret universe III
Morton Bartlett

from: 11.05.2012 to: 14.10.2012

Fascinated by Blue and White
Chinese Porcelain in Islamic Painting

from: 11.05.2012 to: 12.08.2012

Yinka Shonibare: MBE The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (Africa), 2008

On the Plurality of Worlds
The Arts of the Enlightenment

from: 10.05.2012 to: 05.08.2012

Marko Djurdjevic: Cover-Artwork, Spider-Man, 2007

Museum Europäischer Kulturen

from: 05.05.2012 to: 28.10.2012

Qiu Shihua: Untitled, 1986; Private collection, courtesy m Bochum Kunstvermittlung

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Qiu Shihua
White Field

from: 26.04.2012 to: 05.08.2012

Ceramic and Glass

from: 26.04.2012 to: 30.09.2012

Anthony McCall: You and I Horizontal, 2006; Installation view at Institut d'Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne, 2006

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Anthony McCall
Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture

from: 20.04.2012 to: 12.08.2012

Cy Twombly: School of Fontainebleau, 1960; Collection Marx

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Cy Twombly & The School of Fontainebleau

from: 06.04.2012 to: 07.10.2012

Tobias Zielony: The Group, 2010; from the series Vele (detail)

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Architektonika 2

from: 05.04.2012 to: 13.01.2013

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Name a River
Topographical Views in East Asia

from: 27.03.2012 to: 23.09.2012

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (Caprichos 43), year unknown

On the Edge of Reason
The Picture Series in the Age of the Enlightenment

from: 16.03.2012 to: 29.07.2012

Lu Hao: Recording 2005 Chang'an Street (detail)

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Lu Hao: Karl Marx and Eternal Peace
Pictures of Two Grand Avenues in Beijing and Berlin

from: 10.03.2012 to: 01.07.2012

Ihee Kimura: Young woman, Omagari, Akita 1953

Museum für Fotografie
Metamorphosis of Japan after the War
Photography 1945-1964

from: 09.03.2012 to: 17.06.2012

Neue Nationalgalerie
Alberto Giacometti

from: 07.03.2012 to: 17.06.2012

Harry Fonseca, Nisenan-Maidu: Coyote – Cigarstore Indian, 1985

Ethnologisches Museum
Native American Modernism
Art from North America

from: 03.03.2012 to: 28.10.2012

Dodo (1907-1998)
A Life in Pictures

from: 01.03.2012 to: 28.05.2012

Gold jewellery ensemble from the Viking Age, found between 1872 and 1873 on the island of Hiddensee

Neues Museum
The Viking Gold Treasure from Hiddensee

from: 01.03.2012 to: 18.03.2012

Changes of View
Painting in the Medium of Prints in the 19th Century

from: 21.02.2012 to: 24.06.2012

Gerhard Richter: Vorhang III, 1965 (detail)

Neue Nationalgalerie
Gerhard Richter

from: 12.02.2012 to: 13.05.2012

Gerhard Richter: Jugendbildnis, 1988

Alte Nationalgalerie
Gerhard Richter: October 18, 1977 (1988)

from: 12.02.2012 to: 13.05.2012

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Hans-Peter Feldmann
The Dead

from: 09.02.2012 to: 06.01.2013

Ryoji Ikeda: data.tron, 2007

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Ryoji Ikeda

from: 28.01.2012 to: 09.04.2012

Head of a Man, 1st century BC – 2nd century AD, Qaryat al-Faw

Roads of Arabia
Archaeological Treasures from Saudi Arabia

from: 26.01.2012 to: 09.04.2012

Leiko Ikemura: Horizon (blue-yellow), 2007

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Leiko Ikemura
Korekara or the Serenity of Fragile Being

from: 20.01.2012 to: 22.04.2012

Neues Museum
Of Final Things
Death and Burial in Mark Brandenburg 1500-1800

from: 13.01.2012 to: 24.06.2012

Rudolf Virchow: Houses in Rastede, ca. 1890

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Explorations in Europe
Visual Studies in the 19th Century

from: 09.12.2011 to: 08.04.2012

Pithos from DAI digs at the Urartian fortress of Bastam, 8th c. BCE

Tehran 50.
Half a Century of German Archaeology in Iran

from: 02.12.2011 to: 04.03.2012

Ursula Schulz-Dornburg, untitled, 2003

From Medina to the Jordanian Border
Photographs by Ursula Schulz-Dornburg

from: 11.11.2011 to: 06.05.2012

Gerhard Altenbourg, Obstructed Leap, 1951

Neue Nationalgalerie
Gerhard Altenbourg 1926-1989
Early Works

from: 11.11.2011 to: 04.03.2012

Sebastian Lang: Behaviour Scan, 2011

Museum für Fotografie

from: 10.11.2011 to: 29.01.2012

Paul Laffoley: The Orgone Motor, 1981 (detail)

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
secret universe II
Paul Laffoley

from: 04.11.2011 to: 04.03.2012

Schloss Köpenick
War Court in Köpenick!
Anno 1730: Crown Prince-Katte-Order of the King

from: 29.10.2011 to: 04.03.2012

From Rembrandt's Time
The Art of Drawing in Holland's Golden Century

from: 28.10.2011 to: 26.02.2012

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Chrysanthemums and Bamboo
Symbolism, Legends, Polymorphism

from: 25.10.2011 to: 25.03.2012

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Bamboo and its Friends
Chinese Painting from the Ming and Qing Dynasties

from: 11.10.2011 to: 18.03.2012

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Joseph Beuys
8 Days in Japan and the Utopia of Eurasia

from: 08.10.2011 to: 01.01.2012

Titan at the feet of the goddess Artemis. Detail from the eastern frieze of the Pergamon Altar, 180–160 BCE

Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis

from: 30.09.2011 to: 30.09.2012

Alte Nationalgalerie
Karl Friedrich Schinkel
Designs for Sculptors Entwürfe für Bildhauer

from: 28.09.2011 to: 08.01.2012

Neue Nationalgalerie
Taryn Simon
A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters

from: 22.09.2011 to: 01.01.2012

Tomás Saraceno: Cloud Cities, 2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Tomás Saraceno
Cloud Cities

from: 15.09.2011 to: 19.02.2012

Jürgen Albrecht: Instrument Nr. 5, 24.9.2001, 2001, Videostill (detail); loan from the artist

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin

from: 15.09.2011 to: 12.02.2012

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
National Gallery Prize for Young Art
Cyprien Gaillard, Kitty Kraus, Klara Lidén und Andro Wekua

from: 09.09.2011 to: 08.01.2012

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Fuji Doubled
Udo Kaller / Katsushika Hokusai

from: 02.09.2011 to: 08.01.2012

Helmut Newton: Paris Match, Monte Carlo 1985 (detail)

Museum für Fotografie
Helmut Newton Polaroids

from: 10.06.2011 to: 20.05.2012

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Land Art

from: 26.03.2011 to: 15.01.2012

Alte Nationalgalerie
The Collection of the Banker J.H. Wagener
The Formation of the National Gallery

from: 23.03.2011 to: 08.01.2012

Ai Weiwei: Teahouse, 2009; permanent loan by Collection Dieter and Si Rosenkranz

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Ai Weiwei: Teahouse, 2009

from: 05.02.2011 to: 07.06.2012

Joan La Barbara: She Is Always Alone, 1979, Videostill (detail)

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Live to Tape
The Mike Steiner Collection at Hamburger Bahnhof

from: 01.02.2011 to: 12.01.2012

Exhibition view, 2010

Neues Museum
The Berlin Sculpture Find.
'Degenerate Art' in Bomb Debris

from: 09.11.2010 to: 18.03.2012

A Collector's Fortune
Islamic Art Masterpieces of the Keir Collection

from: 18.03.2010 to: 17.06.2012

Sirenen-Aquamanile aus dem Schatz des Dionysius-Stift in Enger/Herford, Hildesheim um 1230

Museum of Decorative Arts at the Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz

from: 01.01.2000 to: 01.01.2012