Past exhibitions

Series of exhibitions Seen By 3:  Musquiqui Chihying, The Parking, Digital Photo Print, 2014

Museum für Fotografie
Seen By 3: Place an Image / Place in Image

from: 21.11.2014 to: 22.02.2015

Willy Römer, sentry duty at the airfield, 1914-1918

Museum für Fotografie
Photography in World War I

from: 07.11.2014 to: 22.03.2015

Michael Ruetz: Timescape 817

Museum für Fotografie
Michael Ruetz: The Quintessential Landscape

from: 04.07.2014 to: 05.10.2014

Helmut Newton, Hotel Volney, New York, 1982

Museum für Fotografie
Helmut Newton / Alice Springs: Us and Them
Helmut Newton: Sex and Landscapes

from: 05.06.2014 to: 16.11.2014

Museum für Fotografie
SEEN BY 2. The Arrangement

from: 30.05.2014 to: 08.06.2014

Lisa Woite, ohne Titel, 2013, Fotografie

Museum für Fotografie
SEEN BY - Start with the Traces

from: 15.11.2013 to: 05.01.2014

Helmut Newton
Fat hand and dollars
Monte Carlo, 1986

Museum für Fotografie
Helmut Newton: Paris Berlin / Greg Gorman: Men

from: 31.10.2013 to: 18.05.2014