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Schulterkragen der Amanishakheto, 1. Jh. v. Chr., Sudan, Meroe, Pyramide N6

Neues Museum
Daily Life - Luxury - Protection.
Jewellery in Ancient Egypt

This small exhibition presents selected pieces of jewellery, pectorals, and amulets, as well as...

Coloured model bust of Queen Nefertiti, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, c 1340 BC; Donation James Simon

Neues Museum
Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection has a chance to present itself on a scale never shown...

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Past exhibitions

Bust of Queen Nefertiti in Neues Museum, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, Amarna, Egypt, c 1340 BC;
Donation James Simon

Neues Museum
In the Light of Amarna
100 Years of the Nefertiti Discovery

To mark the anniversary of the discovery of the bust of Nefertiti on 6 December 1912, the Egyptian...

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