Past exhibitions

Rudolf Virchow: Houses in Rastede, ca. 1890

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Explorations in Europe
Visual Studies in the 19th Century

from: 09.12.2011 to: 08.04.2012

Pithos from DAI digs at the Urartian fortress of Bastam, 8th c. BCE

Tehran 50.
Half a Century of German Archaeology in Iran

from: 02.12.2011 to: 04.03.2012

Ethnologisches Museum
South America in Pictures

from: late November 2011 to: Ende August 2013

Prize for Craft Design for the State of Berlin, 2011: 'Body and Soul'

from: 26.11.2011 to: 01.01.2012

Ursula Schulz-Dornburg, untitled, 2003

From Medina to the Jordanian Border
Photographs by Ursula Schulz-Dornburg

from: 11.11.2011 to: 06.05.2012

Gerhard Altenbourg, Obstructed Leap, 1951

Neue Nationalgalerie
Gerhard Altenbourg 1926-1989
Early Works

from: 11.11.2011 to: 04.03.2012

Sebastian Lang: Behaviour Scan, 2011

Museum für Fotografie

from: 10.11.2011 to: 29.01.2012

Paul Laffoley: The Orgone Motor, 1981 (detail)

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
secret universe II
Paul Laffoley

from: 04.11.2011 to: 04.03.2012

Schloss Köpenick
War Court in Köpenick!
Anno 1730: Crown Prince-Katte-Order of the King

from: 29.10.2011 to: 04.03.2012

From Rembrandt's Time
The Art of Drawing in Holland's Golden Century

from: 28.10.2011 to: 26.02.2012

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Chrysanthemums and Bamboo
Symbolism, Legends, Polymorphism

from: 25.10.2011 to: 25.03.2012

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Bamboo and its Friends
Chinese Painting from the Ming and Qing Dynasties

from: 11.10.2011 to: 18.03.2012

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Joseph Beuys
8 Days in Japan and the Utopia of Eurasia

from: 08.10.2011 to: 01.01.2012

Titan at the feet of the goddess Artemis. Detail from the eastern frieze of the Pergamon Altar, 180–160 BCE

Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis

from: 30.09.2011 to: 30.09.2012

Alte Nationalgalerie
Karl Friedrich Schinkel
Designs for Sculptors Entwürfe für Bildhauer

from: 28.09.2011 to: 08.01.2012

Neue Nationalgalerie
Taryn Simon
A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters

from: 22.09.2011 to: 01.01.2012

Tomás Saraceno: Cloud Cities, 2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Tomás Saraceno
Cloud Cities

from: 15.09.2011 to: 19.02.2012

Jürgen Albrecht: Instrument Nr. 5, 24.9.2001, 2001, Videostill (detail); loan from the artist

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin

from: 15.09.2011 to: 12.02.2012

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
National Gallery Prize for Young Art
Cyprien Gaillard, Kitty Kraus, Klara Lidén und Andro Wekua

from: 09.09.2011 to: 08.01.2012

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Fuji Doubled
Udo Kaller / Katsushika Hokusai

from: 02.09.2011 to: 08.01.2012

Installation view Rabindranath Tagore,
Galerie Ferdinand Möller, 1930
Repro: Kai-Annett Becker

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
The Last Harvest
Rabindranath Tagore - 98 masterpieces in Berlin

from: 02.09.2011 to: 30.10.2011

Katsushika Hokusai (Edo, 1760-1849)
Gewitter am Fuße des Berges. Aus: 36 Ansichten des Berges Fuji
Japan, Tokugawa-Zeit, um 1831

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Hokusai in Dahlem

from: 30.08.2011 to: 27.11.2011

Friedrichswerdersche Kirche
Tino Sehgal
This is Propaganda

from: 29.08.2011 to: 09.10.2011

Sandro Botticelli
Profilbildnis einer jungen Frau
(Simonetta Vespucci?), um 1476

Renaissance Faces
Masterpieces of Italian Portraiture

from: 25.08.2011 to: 20.11.2011

Neue Nationalgalerie
Max Beckmann
Self-portraits in the Graphic Arts

from: 09.08.2011 to: 03.10.2011

Festivities Portrayed in Islamic Art
Celebrations at the Indian Court

from: 15.07.2011 to: 06.11.2011

Visions & Fashion
Images of Fashion 1980-2010

from: 30.06.2011 to: 09.10.2011

100 Best Posters 10
Germany Austria Switzerland

from: 24.06.2011 to: 17.07.2011

Museum für Fotografie
Abisag Tüllmann 1935-1996.
Photojournalism and Stage Photography

from: 17.06.2011 to: 18.09.2011

Eberhard Havekost
RAUM, 2008
Inkjet; 40 x 60 cm
Erworben aus Mitteln der Stiftung DKLB von
der Kulturverwaltung des Landes Berlin.

New Realities
PhotoGraphik from Warhol to Havekost

from: 10.06.2011 to: 09.10.2011

Helmut Newton: Paris Match, Monte Carlo 1985 (detail)

Museum für Fotografie
Helmut Newton Polaroids

from: 10.06.2011 to: 20.05.2012

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Actor Prints from Osaka

from: 07.06.2011 to: 28.08.2011

Olaf Haacke
Halsschmuck, 1997
Gold, Eisen

Schloss Köpenick
Metal - Art - Craft
Contemporary Works by Four Berlin Artists

from: 27.05.2011 to: 04.09.2011

Museum Berggruen
Brassaï Brassaï
In the Studio and on the Street

from: 27.05.2011 to: 28.08.2011

Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg
Brassaï Brassaï
In the Studio and on the Street

from: 27.05.2011 to: 11.09.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Sacred Mountains, Sublime Summits
The Myth of the Landscape in the 20th Century

from: 17.05.2011 to: 16.10.2011

Andrea del Sarto
Studienblatt mit einem Jüngling und dem
Kopf eines alten Mannes nach rechts
(Homer?), um 1520/1521

The Vasari Century
Florentine Draughtsmen of the Cinquecento

from: 17.05.2011 to: 21.08.2011

The Most Beautiful German Books of 2010

from: 16.05.2011 to: 10.06.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
The Chinese Pleasure Garden
Erotic Art from the Bertholet Collection

from: 14.05.2011 to: 14.08.2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
secret universe I
Horst Ademeit

from: 13.05.2011 to: 25.09.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Ducks in the Lotus Pond
Flowers and Birds in Chinese Painting

from: 19.04.2011 to: 02.10.2011

Neues Museum
In the Blink of an Eye
From Eye Inlays to the Artificial Eye

from: 19.04.2011 to: 17.07.2011

Neue Nationalgalerie
Stella & Calatrava
The Michael Kohlhaas Curtain

from: 15.04.2011 to: 14.08.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Installations by Young-Jae Lee

from: 15.04.2011 to: 21.08.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Kashmir in 19th Century Photography

from: 05.04.2011 to: 30.11.2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Richard Long
Berlin Circle

from: 26.03.2011 to: 31.07.2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Land Art

from: 26.03.2011 to: 15.01.2012

Alte Nationalgalerie
The Collection of the Banker J.H. Wagener
The Formation of the National Gallery

from: 23.03.2011 to: 08.01.2012

Schahname. Heroic Times
A Thousand Years of the Persian 'Book of Kings'

from: 19.03.2011 to: 03.07.2011

Neue Nationalgalerie
El Lissitzky: Victory over the Sun
Lithographs from the Years 1919-1923

from: 16.03.2011 to: 26.06.2011

Neue Nationalgalerie
The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator

from: 13.03.2011 to: 25.03.2011

The Fabric of Light
A History of the Painting of Light

from: 08.03.2011 to: 08.05.2011

The Architectural Dreams of Jugendstil.
Joseph Maria Olbrich

from: 03.03.2011 to: 13.06.2011

Feininger from Harvard
Drawings, Watercolours and Photographs

from: 26.02.2011 to: 15.05.2011

Museum für Fotografie
From Cairo to Tell Halaf
The Photograph Collection of Max von Oppenheim

from: 18.02.2011 to: 15.05.2011

Hans Baldung, called Grien
Master in the Age of Dürer

from: 15.02.2011 to: 15.05.2011

Ai Weiwei: Teahouse, 2009; permanent loan by Collection Dieter and Si Rosenkranz

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Ai Weiwei: Teahouse, 2009

from: 05.02.2011 to: 07.06.2012

Joan La Barbara: She Is Always Alone, 1979, Videostill (detail)

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Live to Tape
The Mike Steiner Collection at Hamburger Bahnhof

from: 01.02.2011 to: 12.01.2012

Neue Nationalgalerie
Jenny Holzer

from: 01.02.2011 to: 06.03.2011

Le Grand Paris
The Future of Cities

from: 29.01.2011 to: 08.05.2011

The Tell Halaf Adventure

from: 28.01.2011 to: 14.08.2011

Neue Nationalgalerie
Marcel Duchamp
Belle Haleine: Eau de Voilette

from: 27.01.2011 to: 30.01.2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Else Lasker-Schüler
The Pictures

from: 21.01.2011 to: 01.05.2011

Schloss Köpenick
Fine Craftsmen's Tools and Locks from Three Centuries

from: 08.01.2011 to: 25.09.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
God-like Humans, Human Gods
Painting the Figure in the 20th Century

from: 21.12.2010 to: 17.04.2011

Wilhelm Ahlborn,
Blick auf Florenz, 1832
Zustand vor der Restaurierung, Öl auf Leinwand,
70 x 99 cm
ehemals Kriegsverlust, Rückkehr 2010

Alte Nationalgalerie
Loss and Return.
Lost and Recovered Works from the National Gallery

from: 10.12.2010 to: 06.03.2011

Gold Giants
Great Pieces of Gold in Coins and Medallions

from: 09.12.2010 to: 31.03.2011

Neues Museum
Pioneer of Egyptology
Carl Richard Lepsius. 1810-1884

from: 03.12.2010 to: 10.04.2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Cory Arcangel
Here Comes Everybody

from: 30.11.2010 to: 28.08.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Kabuki Theatre in Edo

from: 23.11.2010 to: 13.03.2011

Michelangelo Merisi gen. Caravaggio, 1571-1610
Der ungläubige Thomas, um 1600/01

Homage to Caravaggio 1610/2010

from: 12.11.2010 to: 01.05.2011

Neue Nationalgalerie
August Macke

from: 09.11.2010 to: 13.03.2011

Imaizumi Imaemon XIV (geb. 1962)
Deckeldose mit Chintz-Blüten-Dekor in
Schneeflocken-Technik, Typ
Iro-Nabeshima, 2005

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Ceramic Cosmos Japan
The Crueger Collection

from: 05.11.2010 to: 03.04.2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Carsten Höller

from: 05.11.2010 to: 06.02.2011

World as Words
The 20th Century in Europe and the USA

from: 22.09.2010 to: 16.01.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
People and Gods
Figure Painting in China

from: 21.09.2010 to: 27.03.2011

Neue Nationalgalerie
Willem de Rooij

from: 18.09.2010 to: 02.01.2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Pause. Valeska Gert: Moving Fragments

from: 17.09.2010 to: 10.04.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Courtly Elegance and Military Might

from: 14.09.2010 to: 09.01.2011

Glass, Handle with Care!
Fragile Art 700-2010

from: 10.09.2010 to: 13.02.2011

Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Philipp Lachenmann
Some Scenic Views

from: 07.09.2010 to: 06.02.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Portraits from the Mughal Era
Part II

from: 03.08.2010 to: 30.01.2011

Brigitte Nielsen and son
Beverly Hills 1990

Museum für Fotografie
Alice Springs

from: 12.06.2010 to: 15.05.2011

Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Samuel Bourne and Colin Murray
Early Photography from Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan

from: 01.06.2010 to: 30.01.2011